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New Work

These solid wood, hand made, one of a kind gifts will be sure to put a smile on their face and think of you each time they draw upon the item to use or simply admire.  Hand turned from solid choice woods.  Custom orders are welcome.  Quality guaranteed.

Medival Mace # 1501

Measuring 11 inches, this hand made wooden mace features steel chain and wooden ball with solid wood spikes.





Vampire Stake - 9 inches long Vampire Stake, complete with tapered point and beveled hand grip.

vampire stake


Salt Shakers

These solid wood salt shakers and more then just a unique design. In order to dispense salt, one or two thrust upward and down will provide a pinch of salt. Check out my youtube video for a quick demo.


Maple with Pyrography Salt Shaker

salt shaker.salt shaker



Maple Salt Shaker

sal shaker salt shaker


Maple with Walnut Salt Shaker


salt shaker ....salt shaker


Coin Box - Maple with burn lines


coin box coin box


Coin Box - Maple

coin box coin box


Coin Sphere - Rosewood

coin sphere coin sphere


Mallet - Maple



Mallet - Maple with burn lines



Walnut Sphere

walnut sphere

Maple Sphere

maple sphere

Plywood Singapore ball with Ebony Spikes - this ball has such a soft feel when held, yet has a sinister look when tossed into the air.

plywood singapore ball


Spalted Maple Ball with Redheart Spikes - a truely gallery piece.


singapore ball with redhearts

email if interested

Singapore Bowl with Ebony Spikes

singapore bowlsingapore bowl



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