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Jewellery Boxes

 Solid Cherry Jewellery Box Solid Cherry Jewellery Box

This medium size Jewellery box can become home to her most precious rings and keepsakes.  Solid cherry will age beautifully to a warm amber.  Cork lining and solid brass sliding stay complete the piece.  Truly gallery quality. 


Canadian Cherry and Walnut Jewellery Box

This gorgeous solid wood Jewellery box will hold a variety of his or her personal treasures.  Includes box joints that will last a lifetime.  One tray with cork lined compartments complete the piece.



Cherry & Australian Lacewood Jewellery Box

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Walnut keys, cherry base and unique Australian lacewood create a stunning Jewellery box.  Comes complete with one ring tray with holds up to 8 rings.  Line with cork to protect your precious keepsakes.


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