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"Thank you so much for your custom touch, craftsmanship and artistic

Janice Witty, Interactive Resources


"..the bookmarks are lovely and mine is particularly so.."

Lyn Cullen

"Your boxes are amazing." Alfie Fishgap, www.fishgap.com

"They are very fine pieces of work."

David Hill, USA


"It arrived safely today.  The urn is beautiful.  It is a work of art. 
Your packing was excellent.  Thank you

Hank USA

They are wonderful gift at a great price. They sold out in 3 weeks and had to call Shawn for more Claire Bolton from Artistic Revival, www.artisticrevival.com

"I found your work quite impressive technically, esthetically and artistically. I particularly like the Walnut and Lacewood Tea Box. I imagine this piece will not last long". 
Ellen Stavros of Dragon House Gallery




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